(MCC’s, L.V. kiosks for reticulation, L.V. boards, pump control panels, control desks with mimics, glass fibre enclosures)

Industrial Electronics for Plant Production and Factories

The Switchboard Group boasts a varied portfolio of work that extends across a multitude of industries, not least of these being Production Plants and Factories. Our low voltage industrial electronics products are designed with quality in mind, making them well suited to the heavy-duty applications of these environments, and contributing to plant production output.

In terms of the products we supply to this field, we are able to provide for all low voltage needs. From kiosks for electrical reticulation, to pump control panels and desks, we can supply these products and more as needed by our clients.

Some of the products we are able to supply include: • Motor Control Centres. In the context of factories and production plants, these serve as a factory assembly of several starter motors. They are versatile in their function, as they can include programmable controllers, variable frequency drives, and also allow for metering. • Electrical Reticulation Kiosks. These serve to contain the various systems that make up the electrical reticulation of the factory.

  • Low Voltage Boards. The Switchboard Group provides L.V. boards for use in industrial environments, these serve to allow, disallow, or otherwise manipulate the flow of electricity to the various electrical systems, machinery, and components throughout the factory as needed.
  • Pump Control Panels. For use in the distribution of electricity to a pump system, these control panels make for one of the essential industrial electronics items required in a number of factories, depending on what they manufacture.
  • For all processes within a plant production setting that require the use of a control desk, The Switchboard Group offer sturdy workmanship, with versatility that allows them to be implemented in the production of a wide range of products.

As seen above, The Switchboard Group are able to provide for the low voltage needs of the production plant/factory sector. All Industrial Electronics systems are designed, manufactured, and supplied in-house. This serves to enhance our after-sales capabilities, as we have the best possible knowledge of the products we are able to offer.

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