Hotels and Confrences

Electrical Engineering for Hotel and Conference Centres

The Switchboard Group are proud of their status as a leading electrical distributor and installer in South Africa. Our comprehensive and expansive range of low voltage products, in conjunction with our technical experience, has allowed us to serve a wide array of industries, including Hotels and Conference Centres.

We are fully inclusive in the products we provide to this industry, from low voltage electrical distributors and power boards all the way to stage lighting and dimmer controls. Their quality and durability cannot be overstated, and our capable and experienced teams are able to provide services held to high standard. Our electrical engineering workmanship is a proud signature of our group.

Some of the products we have supplied to the Hotels and Conference Centres industry include:

  • Low-voltage electrical distributor boards, used as a component of an electrical supply system that divides the available power between individual circuits that feed their respective electrical systems.
  • Electrical Pedestal Stoves are systems used for the culinary portion of this industry. Their usefulness extends to this thanks to the fact that they are designed for large scale cooking applications, an indispensable tool when catering to hotels and conference centers.
  • Thermostats, or boiler control boards act as electrical distributors and are necessary for heating purposes. Durable equipment is required to handle this high capacity task, and as such, Switchman manufactures theirs to an equally high standard to handle the task.
  • Stage lighting is an essential component of a conference centre. The function of stage lighting is to highlight the focus area of a large event or function, and as such, they require proper standards of electrical engineering in their construction in order to operate as needed.
  • Dimmer controls. Whether installed in hotel rooms to allow for the adjustment of light level as guests see fit, or installed in conjunction with stage lights in order to bring a dynamic element to event lighting, dimmer controls allow for a variety of applications important to the industry.

As seen above, the range of electrical equipment required in order to ensure the smooth running of a hotel or conference centre cannot be understated, leaving aside the multitude of other components necessary for these entities as well as the electrical engineering work required in their installation and maintenance.

The Switchboard Group are highly experienced with regards to the design, manufacture, and supply of these necessary components, and we have cemented our reputation among many hotel and conference centre groups as trustworthy and competent suppliers and installers.

For further queries regarding our products, you can contact us.

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